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mimik academy free resources

gain hands-on understanding of hybrid
edgeCloud platform.

explore the hands-on courses

gain a better understanding of mimik technology by completing the following hands-on lessons.

2 Topics

installing the mimik edgeCLI tool

learn how to install the mimik ClI tool in order to work with the mimik service in code

11 Topics

getting started with mimik

run edgeEngine and deploy your first microservice

12 Topics

deploying a WebAssembly microservice under edgeEngine

build and deploy WebAssembly module and binary to be used by the mimik edgeEngine

10 Topics

getting up and running with mDebug

explore information about the clusters within the edgeEngine Service Mesh

12 Topics

working with mDrive microservice

install mimik's mDrive microservice to share files in a serverless manner

7 Topics

understanding Linux container architecture

learn how and why binary executables and containers are different

learn with the free video instructions

to have a better learning experience, follow the below video instructions showcases in the order they have been listed.

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